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Dr. Walter A. Palen holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of California, and has been working in industry and academics related to oil and gas, environmental, and performance driven business processes for over thirty years. He has helped direct and grow the KM team activity at BP (formerly, British Petroleum) since 1997, and currently provides KM training and mentorship to a variety of Houston based companies along with the SPE and BP. BP is a multinational Fortune 100 company with operations in more than 60 countries and revenues greater than $150 billion. BP's pioneering work in KM systems has made it the recognized world-leader in KM theory and practice, earning the “Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise” award five years running.

Palen’s recent work has been in developing and deploying a km strategy for the entire BP Legal group, drawing on other km initiatives and experiences from his work in BP and extended lessons learned from other companies.

 Palen is also an external board level advisor to Knoco, Ltd, a KM consulting company that advises multinational companies on KM techniques and processes, including such clients as the United Nations, De Beers, ChevronTexaco, and the BBC. Knoco, formed from the British based members of the former BP KMTeam, is a world class leader itself in KM consultancy, training, and resource development.


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