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Knowledge Management has become the mature business management process in team-oriented retail, manufacturing, and research domains. The KM techniques, skills and technologies that have been refined in these areas are now proven enough to be deployed in the more 'individual contributor' professions such as commercial and audit.

We have assisted KM implementations in legal environments (e.g. in-house and government legal departments) thru KnowConnect, Inc., operated by Vince Polley at

KCI has over 7 years of experience with knowledge management systems, strategy, and implementation.  Our deep experience in KM is now available outside of these organizations through Knowledge Connections, Inc., and via our corporate and technology alliances.

We can help you with: a thorough assessment of your organization's ability to design and deploy a successful knowledge management strategy; training in the skills and technology needed to implement knowledge management; strategic consulting on cultural and management issues necessary to sustain knowledge management; and implementation of existing information systems or deployment of new technology designed to support your efforts and measure success.

If you are new to the field of knowledge management, please read our FAQ, learn who we are, and contact us with any questions.

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